A Google search that went awry

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Last week I start to google “Python Tur…” for my intended search of Python programming and a Turkey (for Thanksgiving) and autocorrect supplied me with Python Turtle results. Not quite what I was expecting….however, what is this? I had stumbled upon Turtle, a pre-installed Python library used to draw pictures, which I had never heard of or used, and took this stumble as an opportunity to learn something new and fun for the holiday season. Let’s be honest, fun has been in short supply for 2020 so I take all opportunities that come my way to embrace lighthearted amusement.

I started by following a tutorial and watching YouTube videos on how to use Turtle. Making a box or circle and then filling it with color is great for a minute or two, but what else can you do with Turtle? Well, there are more complex shapes:


But what I could I make with Turtle that would be reflective of Thanksgiving?

I started with a petal:

A petal

Or could it be a turkey feather?

From there the turkey grew and grew, until (spoiler alert — it has some issues and is not the prettiest turkey around):

My Turtle Turkey

My code is pretty rudimentary (this was just some quick and dirty coding) and I have yet to figure out how to reposition the turtle so the orange feathers start at the same place as the brown feathers instead of being a continuation. However, for a first attempt at Turtle I'm happy with the result. The code is not DRY (do not repeat yourself) or elegant — but it is done.

Turtle commands for my Turkey