Brushing Up on Pandas Groupby

Photo by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash
Data Frame with 10 Features and 1 Target
345 Different Value_counts for Genre
Number of Books in the 345 Different Genres
11 Different BookCategories
A groupby operation involves some combination of splitting the object, applying a function, and combining the results. This can be used to group large amounts of data and compute operations on these groups.
Applying the groupby() operation on the Data Frame
  • count()
  • describe()
  • first()
  • last()
  • max()
  • mean()
  • min()
  • nth():
  • sem()
  • size()
  • std()
  • sum()
  • var()
A portion of the Different Genres in “Arts, Film & Photograph” Category
Appended .max()
‘Action & Adventure’ Category with 754 books in the “Action & Adventure (Books)” Genre
754 Books is the Highest Number in Genre and Book Category




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Annika Noren

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